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26.07CaspiAEGEEan Summer Paradise
Azerbaijan: Baku, Astara, Sheki, Nabran
Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park

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What is AEGEE?

AEGEE is a student organisation that promotes co-operation, communication and integration among young people in Europe. AEGEE puts the idea of a unified Europe into practice.

The map of AEGEE network in Europe:

Following the slogan “removing borders and turning united Europe into reality” AEGEE acts in more than 200 cities across Europe with around 13 000 members participating in Summer Universities, parties, Conferences and Working Groups striving for cross-border cooperation and international networks. AEGEE is open for students from all faculties.

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AEGEE in Helsinki

AEGEE-Helsinki, founded in 1992, is the only antenna in Finland and has students mostly from Helsinki University, and Aalto University. However, it does not matter where you study. We accept members from all universities! Also, you do not have to live in Helsinki in order to be a member. You can live anywhere in Finland or even abroad.

Our meetings are usually held at our office. In addition to meetings we organize social gatherings, theme parties of different countries (e.g. Italian night), sauna evenings, movie nights, cottage trips, winter trips and lots more. See our calendar of events. Often we organise parties in co-operation with the other international student organisations in the universities or other AEGEE antennae.

Every year we organise an exchange with another antenna. So far our partners have been for example Barcelona, Kaunas, Istanbul, Tartu, St. Petersburg, Novi Sad, Lublin, Maribor, Sibiu, Maastricht and Bamberg.

Summer Universities

Every year dozens of our members go abroad to a AEGEE Summer University. A Summer University can be about learning Spanish in Madrid, canoeing in Czech Republic or getting to know the local culture in Ukraine. In 2013, we had 78 different Summer Universities all around Europe, with around 4000 students atending from more than 30 European countries; from Belgium to Azerbaijan, and from Finland to Malta. Learn more about Summer Universities and apply, it is a two or three week experience you will never forget!

AEGEE-Helsinki has organised a Summer University every year since 1995. In 2013 we joined forces with AEGEE-Kobenhavn, and once again organized a memorable Summer University. Our Travelling Summer University (TSU) Scandinavian Dream was very popular among the AEGEE members and we received 242 applications for 26 available places from all around Europe, thus being the most popular Summer University in the whole AEGEE.

Summer University 2015 video:

Summer University 2012 video:

Summer University 2011 video:


The statutory, conference type of meetings of AEGEE (AGORA) are held in the spring and in the autumn each time in a different city in Europe. Every time thousand students from all around the Europe gather together to discuss proposals and projects, to take decisions in AEGEE and take part in various social program. Previous AGORAe have been held in Budapest (Autumn Agora 2012) and Rhein-Neckar (Spring Agora 2013).

Spring Agora Enschede 2012: