Monster Energy is an energy drink that was launched by Hansen Natural in 2002, MAAS Distribution is a company focused on product development of healthy kids food under Lotte trade mark A. Le Coq's objective is to be the most attractive and respected beverage producer in Estonia.  The Vici trademark in Estonia designates mainly frozen and refrigerated fish and seafood, as well as products from surimi Pajumäe talu on kena talu Viljandimaal, mis asub üsna Läti piiri lähedal. Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, Balou is a unique local event place with a high-energy, themed dance and night entertainment in the oldtown of Tallinn near by Vabaduse Väljak. Today's club building that is located in Tallinn by the Viru Square was built under the leadership of the Tallinn City and the Fire-fighting Association in 1872-1873.
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