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FinEst Fairytale

Traveling Summer University in Finland and Estonia


Welcome to Travelling Summer University organised by AEGEE-Turku, AEGEE-Helsinki and AEGEE-Tallinn!

The event will start in the city of Turku on 20 July and will end in Pärnu on 4 August.



The oldest city and the former capital of Finland founded in 1229. It is the fifth largest city in Finland with 174 000 inhabitants. River Aura gives the city a special character: on warm summer nights its riverbanks and boats are buzzing with life. Turku is surrounded by archipelago of nearly 20 000 islands and rocky islets. Because of their vulnerable nature these islands are protected by UNESCO. Turku is European Capital of Culture 2011. AEGEE-Turku was founded in 1990.


The holiday town that you will fall in love with at first sight - and over and over again. Naantali was founded in 1443 and it has just over 18 000 inhabitants. Each visit to Naantali offers you something new and attractive. Moominworld makes Naantali a top spot for children and families. The town's atmosphere is a mixture of the charm of the archipelago, the diversity of history and the idyllic present day.


A municipality close to Helsinki. We will spend a weekend in a big cottage by a lake. You can enjoy heat in the sauna and take a swim afterwards!


The capital of Finland was founded in 1550 on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is home to one million people. Helsinki is Finland's international gateway and it is a mixture of eastern and western cultures. Many of Helsinki's main attractions are related to the sea, including the Suomenlinna fortress (a UNESCO World Heritage site). AEGEE-Helsinki was founded in 1992 and this will be its 15th successful SU.


Throughout the centuries Tallinn has seen Danish, German, Swedish and Czarist Russian rulers, but has still retained more remnants of it's past and in a more complete state than most other cities in Europe. Today Tallinn's medieval Old Town is under UNESCO World Heritage. Tallinn is controversial: on one hand you have candlelit medieval restaurants and merchant houses in the old town, beautiful tree-lined parks and the slapping waves of the Baltic Sea. On the other hand there is the city that has been recognised for its forward thinking, state-of-the-art services and thriving nightlife. Tallinn, just like Turku, is European Capital of Culture 2011. AEGEE-Tallinn was founded in 1991.


The best known Estonian resort as well as a Hanseatic city, a harbour city and a university city. However, the sleepy rhythm of Pärnu changes completely when the flag of the Estonian summer capital starts flying high on the summer equinox. Then you can experience beach life, dozens of festivals, night clubs and a huge party crowd. So what are you waiting for - join us!