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Article posted: 4.09.14

The Spring Agora 2014 took place in Patra, Greece between 30.04.2014 and 05.05.2014. Even before starting, this Agora got a nickname “Popcorn Agora”. Why? In this Agora, as in every spring Agora, the delegates voted upon the new Comité Directeur for AEGEE. And most expected voting was (of course) the voting of the new President of AEGEE-Europe. And this year there were three candidates. At the questions and answers session these candidates got to answer some tough questions.

The Agora got a great kick start with a beautiful Opening Ceremony which was organised in the University of Patras. This building worked also as the place for plenary sessions during the Agora. For the Opening Ceremony the whole Agora had dressed up nicely as the theme for the evening was red carpet. The ceremony included Greek dance, beautiful videos of the city of Patra, Greek music and of course the speech of the President of AEGEE-Europe. After these welcoming words was the time for the welcome cocktail. The hall was filled with the joyful reunions as many of the participants saw each other for the first time after a long time.

For the delegates the next few days meant plenary sessions, prytanias and progress meetings. In this agora, there were also a lot of interesting workshops for the visitors.

AEGEE-Enschede was active in the proposal section. Their two proposals (proposal to raise the maximum height of membership fees and proposal to remove nationalities from the CIA) got how ever rejected by the Agora. The proposal of Patrick Scholz on behalf of the Quality Assurance Committee to change the committee’s name from Events Committee to Quality Assurance Committee got accepted by Agora but after a small twist. The prytania of the proposal had a motion to add a word event to the name of the Committee (Events Quality Assurance Committee) to clarify the working field of the Committee and as this motion got accepted in the prytania, the Agora voted upon changing the name to Events Quality Assurance Committee (E.Q.A.C.).

Juridical Commission had three different proposals on the subject of improving the CIA. All these proposals got accepted by the agora and they concerned the double responsibilities and inconsistencies of the CIA. The proposal to change the name of the European Boards Meeting by Pavel Zbornik on behalf of the Comitè Directeur got accepted as well. The new name of the EBM is the European Planning Meeting (EPM).

The Agora Patra ended to the closing plenary where votings upon the new Comité Directeur were revealed. AEGEE-members Aleksandra Kluczka, Holger Schmitt, Ivan Bielik and Mayri Tiido got elected to the CD. Antonia Parat got elected as the Secretary General with only two votes. The election of the President of AEGEE-Europe was tight as well. Reka Salamon and Paul Smith were selected to the second round and Paul Smith, the previous Chair of the Chair Tea, got elected as the President of AEGEE-Europe with 19 votes.

In Agora Patra AEGEE got one more AEGEE antenna: AEGEE-London! AEGEE-Helsinki wants to congratulate this new antenna and wish them all good. Maybe in the future also Finland will get more antennas.

The antennas hosting EPM 2015 and Spring Agora 2015 were announced in the closing plenary of Agora Patra. Both of these events will be held in Spain, EPM in the city of Burgos and Agora by AEGEE-Oviedo in the city of Gijón. To give two Statutory events to antennas so close each other was one of the hardest decisions of the CD during these two years they had worked, told Miguel Gallardo, one of the CD members. The host of EMP was decided already before deciding the host of Spring Agora 2015 and as no-one else applied besides AEGEE-Oviedo, this was the only solution. Worth mentioning is also that in the European Night AEGEE-Helsinki was well represented. Especially our performance with “Sur Strömming” will be well remembered for many years and our representatives are surely very warmly welcomed to participate the future Agoras.