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Spring Agora Asturias 2015

Article posted: 6.06.15

The Spring Agora 2015 took place in Gijon, Asturias, a beautiful area of northern Spain and lasted for 5 days from 31st of March until 5th of April. Agora is AEGEE’s biggest and most important meeting that is held twice a year and was organized this time by AEGEE-Oviedo. Organizers did a very good job, the food was good and the social program, with all the different theme parties was a success. The location of the spring Agora could have not been better. The plenaries were held in the beautiful building of the Universidad laboral de Gijón which is also the biggest building in Spain.This general assembly gathered around 400 Aegeeans from all over Europe together to discuss about the changes we want to make within the organization to make it even better.

This time AEGEE-Helsinki was represented by a delegate Maija Öhman and a visitor Sahra Omer. We were both quite new with Agora and experienced it for the very first time. It was truly wonderful to see so many Aegeeans in one place and to even bump into some familiar faces. The topics in this spring Agora were really interesting and a lot of changes were made.

The biggest change was definitely that the content of the Working Groups were completely renewed. They would from now contain the main focus areas which are at the moment Europtism, Youth Employment, Youth Mobility and Civic Education. The old Working Groups on the other hand were transformed into Interest groups. With this change AEGEE is aiming to get the Action Agenda to be more easy to actually follow and fulfill.

Another big thing that affects every Antenna is that the Local Training Course will become one of the Antenna criterias. From now on Antennae should hold a training course every year for the local members or local people who are interested of AEGEE and want to learn more about it. The course will be reported to AEGEE-Europe so the fulfillment of the criteria can be followed. The aim is to get the members to bond to the organization and to get them to be more active and to be part of organizing events. Local Training Course can be held in one day or it can be divided to multiple days.

Also many more decision were made during Agora as for an example French language is not one of the official languages anymore, from now on English is the only official language of AEGEE. You can read the rest voting results and other things about Agora from Intranet (search for “2015 Agora Asturias” dokument).

All in all we had an amazing time and we would absolutely recommend this event for all the members. Even If you don’t know that much about AEGEE you will definitely learn and if you already have some experience will not be disappointed even then! During Agora you will learn a lot about how Aegee actually works and you will meet a lot of like minded people from all over Europe.

Next Agora will be in Kyiv, Ukraine from 14th to 18th of October 2015!