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Report: EBM Izmir 2012

Article posted: 22.11.12

This year European Boards Meeting (EBM) was held in Izmir 9th to 12th of February. Izmir is a coastal city in Turkey known as holiday paradise in the summer. This time we visited Izmir the coldest time of the year so unfortunately we couldn't enjoy the beach. Actually there was even snow in Istanbul! Even though we couldn't go to the beach we experienced a lot. The city is really beautiful even in the winter and we had the change to see the true Turkish hospitality and all the main points of interest. The mixture of European and Asian cultures was truly visible everywhere we went.

EBM gathered this time around 250 people from different antennas all over Europe. After the visa problems in AGORA Skopje this time even our friends from Azerbaijan were able to join us. In this event many antennas were well represented and were able to witness new EBM.

The most visible difference with EBM was the new structure of it. EBM went through significant reform in AGORA Skopje. This was the first time all the modifications approved in AGORA Skopje were in use. There were lot of new content and things compared to last EBM. EBM is just purely thematic event. This is why all of the participants were envoys and all of us were selected by motivation letter.

Even though EBM doesn't have no longer decision power it doesn't make it less important. EBM just has a different kind of role in the AEGEE legislation. The main task of EBM is to prepare the Action Agenda for the current year. AEGEEs main goals are rafted in Action Plan every four years but specific goals for each year are rafted in EBM and then approved in Spring AGORA. This new system seems to work well and EBM Izmir overall was well organized event and the organizers were helpful and dedicated. During long days of EBM we had coffee breaks with Turkish coffee to keep us awake and active.

In EBM we could see good level of workshops and program. Although program was good and days long we still had time to visit the city center and witness a glint of local culture included local bazaars, coffee shops and restaurants. We are very happy for that because Turkey has very interesting and wide food culture influenced by Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines.

To put this event on nutshell, we were very happy how new EBM has formed, local organization was good, workshops and panel discussions interesting and local culture friendly, interesting and tasty.

Niklas Vaalgamaa (President '12)
Seppo Hälikkä (PR Responsible '12)