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Report: autumn Agora Budapest

Article posted: 10.01.13

The autumn Agora 2012 took place from the 31st of October till the 4th of November in Budapest, Hungary. The event was exceptional for two reasons. First of all it had record amount of applicants – thus unfortunately almost half of the applications had to be rejected. Secondly Aegee-Budapest, being one of the biggest antennas in Aegee-network with a long history, much experience and vast number of members, organised Agora for the second time.

Agora is twice a year organised general assembly of Aegee, where the guidelines, direction and rules of the organization are presented to the network and then decided by voting. Thus, all the participants from delegates to extra participants were enthusiastic to attend and be part of great Aegee-spirit in the Hungarian Capital. Moreover, Aegee-Budapest delivered as promised. Everything worked well and ran smoothly. After long days and more than four hour lasting plenaries food was always ready for the hungry Aegeeans, and buses were punctually waiting to take participants to the lodging place or social program locations.

Autumn Agora Budapest 2012

The opening ceremony started with moment of silence due to the unfortunate event: The founder of Aegee-Europe, Frank Biancheri, had passed away just couple of days earlier. Otherwise, the ceremony followed the usual pattern known from previous Agorae with welcome speeches from Aegee-Europe, the patrons of the event and Aegee-Budapest. The main message from Aegee-Europe and the current CD was that the youth of Europe has possibility to influence the society and the future. After the speeches Hungarian national dances were presented with traditional folk-costumes. The ceremony came to end with a performance by known Hungarian magician.

During the next three days the time of the participants were occupied with intensive program. The members from Aegee-Helsinki, among almost 900 other young people from all over Europe, were attending various plenaries, prytania, workshops and social program activities. Whereas the three Finnish delegates took part to the official decision making sessions, the Finnish visitors and extra participants had chance to participate to interesting workshops. These included practical skills to improve the performance of local antenna, such as strategic planning and project management, but also more general topics. Consequently, the participants could also learn about cultural differences and discuss about innovations and start-up businesses.

This Agora was the first one to successfully to use the new electronic voting system instead of the old time-consuming bullet papers. Multiple proposals were ratified and new enthusiastic people were elected. For Aegee-Helsinki most important changes were all the ratified proposals relating to antenna criteria. These modifications to CIA will regulate our future activities and requirements relating Aegee-Europe more specifically than before. Also new members for Audit Commission, Network Commission, Juridical Commission, Chair team, Mediation Commission and Summer University Coordination team were elected. Hopefully we will see some Finnish candidates applying for these tasks in the future.

Autumn Agora Budapest 2012

As in every Agora, during nights there were theme parties of all kinds. This time, organizers had chosen to arrange Suit Up Party, Bad Hair Party, Halloween Party and, of course, European Night. During these parties, delegates and participants got chance to unwind the whole day sitting at the university taking part of different workshop, prytania and of course plenaries.

As a city, Budapest has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful city with many attractions. There was a lot of free time for participants and extra participants to explore the city. The riverside area of Budapest is one of the world heritage sites. Also the spas were worth a visit. Budapest is a city with multiple sights. Thus many Aegeeans decided to stay few days extra in order to fully discover the city.

Niklas Vaalgamaa (President '12)
Krista Kauhaniemi (Treasurer '12)
Eero Aalto (FR Responsible '12)