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Report: spring Agora Enschede 2012

Article posted: 22.11.12

The Spring Agora 2012 was held this time from first until 6th of May in Enschede. Enschede is a small student city in the eastern part of the Netherlands near the German border. All of together 330 delegates, visitor and envoys were participating in this annual meeting of AEGEE-Europe. There are two Agoras every year. The Spring Agora is the most important meeting of the year as the new Comite Directeur (CD) is chosen there. Comite Directeur is the board of whole AEGEE-Europe which takes care of the network for one year in Brussels. Lots of other decisions take a place in AGORA as well. For example, AEGEE-Helsinki got a new netcommie Karolina Mazetyte, the contact person for the European level.

This time we were a big crowd from Finland. This was mainly because unlike previous years, this Spring Agora was not at the same time as the biggest student festival called Vappu. Most of us left on the first of May, just after all the festivities in Finland. This was probably not the best way to prepare for plenaries, workshops and short nights with parties. If you are planning to go an Agora, you should try to reserve time to sleep before and after it. What made this AGORA truly once in a life time experience was all the drama surrounding it. Multiple rumors were going on during the first days about the problems in the current Comite Directeur. Because of the all the problems, there was a vote of confidence against all of the CD members. The President and the Treasurer of AEGEE-Europe did not get enough supporting votes. Thus there was a re-election organized. The former vice-president got elected as president of AEGEE-Europe. The treasurer got re-elected but with the condition that her job is supervised by three old members with the knowledge of accounting. Unlike all the previous Agoras, the gym was closed during the day which meant that everyone even the visitors were to wake up early for the plenaries. Especially being a delegate requires quite a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, after hard working parties are really good. During the Agora we enjoyed social program including parties with different themes, from traffic lights to hospital. The hospital party was held in the AEGEE-Enschedes own bar in the down town. The place made the party special with all the white coats and rubber gloves.

Overall this Agora was well organized. What else we could expect from Dutch. Agora showed again how good place it is to really get into AEGEE and meet friends from past events. Except all the drama with CD this was very positive experience.

Niklas Vaalgamaa (President '12)
Karoliina Wilska (Local Activities Responsible '12)
Seppo Hälikkä (PR Responsible '12)