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Autumn ZarAGORA 2013 YOUth got the power!

Article posted: 15.01.14

The Autumn Agora 2013 was held from 30th of October till 3rd of November in Zaragoza, Spain. Around 800 participants from 200 university cities of 40 European countries took part of deciding about the future of the association together.

The exact place was called “Palacio de Congresos Expo Aragón” (Palace of Conventions), part of international Expo 2008 area, which is one of the best places in Zaragoza to host big events including plenaries, Prytania, workshops and panel discussions. The lodging place for participants was a big gym where everybody could put their sleeping bags down and sleep a couple of hours between parties and seminars. As the gym was located in the same building participants only took busses to few parties.

This time we had three delegates and two visitors from Finland. The delegates participated in the voting during the Agora. There were some interesting proposals during the Agora that were voted upon, here are a few of them:

Change of the Visitors’ selection procedure
Decreasing the number of financial presentations
Removing the Main Fields of Action
An updated AEGEE Identity
Elections of different AEGEE bodies members

For visitors there were different workshops.

Besides the voting there were of course many different parties with a different thematic focus – Suit up, Halloween, Cultural European Night (CEN) and White T-shirt Party. It wasn’t allowed to bring your national food or beverages in party location so CEN included music, dance performances and other cultural presentations. From White T-shirt Party everyone got a nice memory of the event when friends could write signatures on their shirts. We also left something behind: participants of the Agora were asked to bring sweet fluffy toys with them for a foundation in Zaragoza to give them to children in need for Christmas.

During the last day of AGORA AEGEE-Helsinki experienced a special moment: we took the second place in voting results of The best Summer University of 2013. Congratulations AEGEE-Catania for the 1st award! Lot of people were also asking for our t-shirt “I’m in Helsinki bitch” which won the best merchandise 2012.

Zaragoza did a good job of hosting 800 people. Even after a two hours of sleep at the comfy gym, there was no desire to sleep more when it was a requirement to have a shower or food. Anyway, Agora was a memorable experience and it was fun to meet old friends from earlier events after a long time. Now it’s time to wait for the next one statuatory event EBM-Lublin which is followed by the next agora by AEGEE-Patra in Greece. All in all we really enjoyed our experience and hope to see new people to apply as well!