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Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015

Article posted: 11.11.15

Autumn Agora 2015 took place in Kyїv, the capital city of Ukraine, organized by AEGEE-Kyїv.

Autumn Agora Kyїv 2015 is over. Once again, over 600 AEGEEans from all over the continent put the idea of a borderless Europe and youth cooperation into practice, while discussing European challenges and the development of the organisation, and also getting the chance to know better the current situation in Ukraine from the perspective of young people.

Autumn Agora Kyїv was held bertween 14th and 18th October. Agora is AEGEE´s biggest and most important event which is held twice a year and this time was organized by AEGEE-Kyїv. The theme of this Agora was Rebuilding Democracy. Around 600 young people from almost 40 countries gathered in the capital of Ukraine. By the way, it was not the first time when Agora took place in Kyїv, those who have been in AEGEE for longer time, remember, that venue for autumn Agora 2009 was also capital city of Ukraine. What is the most interesting part about this fact is that I, actually, met some AEGEEans who were present in Kyїv Agora 6 years ago. It was really cool to meet you, Pert Burger from AEGEE-Praha (or was it some city in Hungary?).

This time AEGEE-Helsinki was represented by one delegate Jan Demidovits. It was my second Agora (first one was exactly 2 years ago in Zaragoza). First Agora day is always full of happiness when you meet your friends from all over Europe from different events. Some of them you have not seen for 2 years some of them you have seen last month, but it is always a pleasure to meet again because it is something which makes you feel European.

I took part in all plenaries and several, prytanium and progress meetings. Agora plenaries were held in a building of Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyїv. During network progress meeting, where we discussed issues regarding a state of some Antennae, Contact Antennae and Contacts. I took part also to Prytanium II I where we discussed changing LTC as antenna criterion from organisation to participation and number of votes for antennae with less than 10 members. In Prytanium IV session of the first day we discussed improving of Summer Universities, bookkeeping updates and travel costs issues. The second day in Prytanium VIII we discussed reimbursement for Honorary Members of AEGEE-Europe and visitor selection procedure to Agora.

One of changes which Agora accepted is that Summer Courses´, Summer Universities´ and Travelling Summer Universities´ fee per day will be maximum 14 euro. Which means that Summer Courses´ maximum fee per day is not 11 euro anymore. Agora also accepted that antennae with less than 10 members will have a right to vote. Before it was that antenna needs to have at least 10 members in order to have voting right. Also during Agora the topic for the next EPM was decided. After a very tough voting Agora decided that topic for the next EPM will be Refugees in Europe – “Europe vs. the rest: Change of perspective?” By the way next EPM will take place in Leiden, Netherlands in February 2016.

One of the highlights was of course an announcement of the best Summer University of 2015. Surprise, surprise AEGEE-Catania and 4th time in a row got the award. AEGEE-Helsinki´s Summer University Survivor-The Midnight Sun Edition was 3rd. The second award went to AEGEE-Ljubljana and AEGEE-Udine.

Ukrainian hospitality, energy and positivity of organizers, made their job and all participants had a pleasant time in Kyїv. Social program with 4 different venues for parties including European night were very well organized and participants were dancing and having fun to the beats of international and Ukranian music, for example Ivan Dorn.

If you have not been yet to Agora, you have a great chance to visit one in spring in Bergamo, as Spring Agora’s main organizer told us from the stage, Agora will be hosting around 1200 participants.

Autumn Agora- Kyїv was a great experience especially for those who were in the capital of Ukraine these sunny autumn days. If you missed it, don´t worry and apply for Agora-Bergamo in May 2016. See you there!