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Article posted: 27.12.14

The autumn Agora 2014 was organized in Cagliari, Italy between October 29 and November 2, 2014. Agora is the biggest biannual event where important issues related to our European student organisation, AEGEE are decided. There were almost 900 participants from all over Europe including three delegates, Hanna Juntunen, Outi Jussila and Soila, who represented AEGEE-Helsinki. This Agora achieved a lot of attention beforehand, for instance almost 3000 likes on Facebook, multiple publicities etc., and therefore participants were keen on seeing what AEGEE-Cagliari had planned for the general assembly of AEGEE this time. The event took place in a conference centre called Fiera Internazionale della Sardegna (International Fair of Sardinia) with good connections to the city centre and the beach. All activities, seminars, and facilities were located at the same area. Amazing!

The official start of the Agora was a memorable opening ceremony seasoned with full of different cultures. There were diverse entertainment performances as playing traditional instruments, and folk dances. One by one the chair was introduced by coming to the stage which got the whole audience applauding. Additionally we had a pleasure to enjoy various motivating speeches held by Mayor of Cagliari, President of AEGEE-Europe, and President of AEGEE-Cagliari as well as Main Coordinator of Agora. During the opening ceremony President of European Parliament, Martin Schulz, gave video greetings for the whole AEGEE. The first night continued with a formal party with elegance dress code.

The following days were filled with interesting discussions about AEGEE’s current situation and it’s future. One of the biggest decisions were European Planning Meeting (EPM) topic and a host of the Autumn Agora 2015. Seven different topics for EPM were presented of which the topic “Europe and Russia, Today’s challenges from a youth perspective” was selected with great majority. AEGEE also considered on the current situation in Ukraine by giving, out of five applying antennae, AEGEE-Kiev the honor to organize the Autumn Agora 2015.

Agora decided to delete Visa Freedom Working Group (VFWG) because of non-active performance for a couple of years. However, we gladly received two new active projects: Election Observation Project and Democracy in Practice Project. We also welcomed two new antennae to our network: AEGEE-Dresden and AEGEE-Podgorica. AEGEE-Helsinki wishes all the best for these antennae and projects!

In the closing plenary everyone was eagerly waiting for the announce of the best Summer University of 2014. Again, for the third time in a row, Catania got the first place. Our cooperated Summer University with AEGEE-Tartu got the 3rd place with the SU FinEst Way to Push Your Limits even thought it was falsely announced in Agora. It is a great reason to celebrate! The atmosphere turned more intensive when the discussion about the time gap between Spring Agora and EPM started. According to our general rules there should be at least six weeks between EMP and Agora, but it was accepted that Spring Agora 2015 and EPM will have exceptionally only five weeks between them. The next EPM will be held in Burgos, Spain. In addition one of the highlight of the closing plenary was the wedding of the new twin antennae: AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Warszawa. The polar bear and the panda bear had a beautiful wedding ceremony which we all were honored to witness.

All in all, this Agora was a great experience and worked very well in many contexts. We collected plenty of awesome memories which will stay in our mind. The next Agora, Spring AgorAsturias, will take place from 31st of March till 5th of April, 2015 in Gijón, Spain by AEGEE-Oviedo. And you can apply to the EPM Burgos 2015 here